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Federal budget agreement reached: Planned Parenthood spared

A letter from Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America:

Congress reached an agreement on the federal budget — and because of our tremendous efforts it does not include cuts to Planned Parenthood funding.

Together, we made our voices heard and Congress listened. A handful of legislators tried to use the debate over our nation’s deficit to pursue an extreme agenda that would cut millions of women off from pap tests, breast exams, and birth control. It was an outrageous proposal and it was rightly rejected.

I wish I could tell you that this is where the story ends. But I can’t. The extremists behind the efforts to bar Planned Parenthood health centers from federal funding lost that fight — but they were able to use the budget fight to force new burdens on women seeking abortion services in Washington, DC.

This victory for their anti-women’s health agenda, along with the fact that they came dangerously close to succeeding in their assault on Planned Parenthood, has surely emboldened them for future attacks. 
We urgently need your help to stand strong in the coming months. Please, make your emergency contribution to Planned Parenthood Federation of America today. Any amount helps. Thank you for your support, and for standing with us during this long and difficult fight.

I believe our opponents are thinking that we — you and I and the millions of people who stood with us throughout the past few months — will be tired from this incredible fight. They are, as you know, wrong. Again.

Our opponents don’t know what I know: that as long as anyone, anywhere, is prevented from getting lifesaving health care, birth control, or any of the essential services our health centers provide, you’ll be there for us and with us. And right now, the most important way to help is with your urgent financial contribution.

I know that we’ve asked a lot of you during the past few months, and every time, you’ve come through. Thank you in advance for doing so again today. We know that there will be more of these vengeful and narrow-minded assaults on Planned Parenthood and the people we serve. Please help us gear up for this fight.

Thank you, once again, for standing with us.

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    We may have won the fight, but we have not won the war. Keep fighting.
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